By immediately depositing large bills or cash into the hopper of a depository safe, the dollar amount stolen during a robbery is drastically reduced. And unfortunately, sometimes it’s not just the bad guy robber that a business owner needs to worry about. While this type of safe is known by many names, such as a depository safe, a drop safe, a deposit safe and a drop box, they are all the same type of safe. Deposits are made into a locked storage compartment by way of a top-loading rotary hopper, a reverse hopper or a front-loading „mailbox“ type door. This Sentry depository safe has a drop-down door for depositing cash, envelopes, receipts and whatever else you need to get in safe storage.

Typically, this means individuals who enroll in the organization’s direct deposit program receive their payment a few days before paper checks become available. Even though safe deposit boxes are designed to withstand natural disasters, it’s a good idea to put anything that could be damaged by water into a waterproof container such as a zippered plastic bag. This adds another layer of protection and can also help you keep your safe deposit box more organized. And before stashing those important papers and photos, make copies to store electronically on your computer or in the cloud. A safe deposit box is an individually secured container—usually a metal box—housed in the vault of a federally insured bank or credit union.

You might be interested in a drop box that features enough storage area to fit cash drawers. Depository safes are also available with electronic audit locks which control and document access to the safe with a record of all transactions. Hidden from plain view and accessible only to the owner, wall safes offer excellent protection for your valuables. Adding in several layers of advanced security to the concealment aspect, this wall safe is the ideal choice for home owners.

This can make it easier to find an available box—or more difficult if your bank no longer offers them. Solid steel plate Front loading anti-fishing baffle 4 pre-drilled mounting holes on bottom of safe (1/2″ dia.) 3 chrome plated heavy duty locking bolts (1″ dia.) Heavy-duty… Technically, you could keep cash in a safe deposit box, but the FDIC doesn’t advise it. But it’s also important to remember that cash sitting in a box isn’t earning interest the way it could if you kept it in a savings account, money market accountor certificate of deposit account instead. Drop safes are ideal for storing valuables quickly without allowing others full access to the contents. At, you can find numerous drop-box safes for sale in many different sizes for both home and business use.

Barska offers an extensive line of premium Depository Drop Safes that have been designed to provide protection to important documents at home or in the office. These professional-grade depository safes are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from smaller multi-purpose drop boxes to larger keypad safes, such as the DX-200 and the larger DX-300 . Each Barska Deposit Safe is constructed using high quality steel and feature either a digital or traditional key lock in order to provide maximum protection to the contents inside. Product Details Protex B-rated depository drop safes are designed for ease of use and are a great choice for convenient stores, hotels/motels, churches, gas stations/car wash, restaurants and more.

When the money is dropped into the safe, it falls into a secure locked storage area. On most safes, the hopper is fish-resistant (sometimes by a saw-toothed baffle), meaning the money cannot be pulled back out once it has been dropped inside the drop box. The safe has a laser-cut 1/2-inch steel plate door, a spring-loaded re-locker, chrome-plated heavy-duty steel locking bolts, and an anti-drill lock plate. The door has a brushed chrome plated handle as well as vault type hinges with an…